DIRECTOR OF Digital Transformation

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As a GovTech company, the current need for a Director of Digital Transformation includes three facets - understanding the customer, product concept development, and scaling business operations. This job description structures these components on the principles of the three gears of business design (empathy and understanding, concept visualization, and strategic business planning) to ensure customer needs and future product iterations fit together seamlessly and achieve sustainable growth.

Customer need finding and success


  • Conduct design sprints with current and prospective customers to understand the needs to government employees, how the current product meets those needs, and identify opportunities for continuous improvement to address unmet needs

  • Personally manage escalations from any direct reports and follow a methodical escalation process to execs

  • Create standard presentation materials for lifecycle plays


  • Define the vision of a Red Carpet experience

  • Standardize the template for a Success Plan for all customer segments

  • Define and oversee lifecycle processes/touch points, including exec sponsor program, EBR process, “listening” points (e.g. on usage, NPS), and others

Product concept development


  • Leverage insights from design sprints and ongoing customer insight activities to recommend the nature and scope of present and future product offering, including detailed suggestions on product specifications and requirements based on an appraisal of new product ideas via primary and secondary market research

  • Assess market competition by comparing the company's product to competitors' products and work with sales director to develop product sales strategies

  • Facilitate interactions between sales team and developer(s) in order to improve upon current and future products with consideration for product roadmap, analyzing proposed product requirements and product development programs, establishing time schedules with engineering and manufacturing and developing time-integrated plans with sales, advertising, and production


  • From start to finish, create a product vision and ensure release timing is met

  • Ownership of product roadmap formed on the basis of customer needs

  • Responsible for ensuring alignment of team, from marketing and sales to engineering and operations  

Process design and operational scaling


  • Instate process for human resource management, including hiring, interviews, talent pipeline generation, training, on-boarding and mentoring programs, setting clear expectations on performance and the provision of feedback

  • Build dashboards to measure government success driven by company-wide customer feedback loop, including the establishment of metrics for customer satisfaction

  • Develop best practices for all aspects of product delivery, identifying areas of wastefulness and generating process documentation to improve efficiency


  • Recruit, mentor, groom and inspire a world-class team

  • Create culture of massive customer delight

  • Achieve operational excellence

Credentials and Experience

Given the large scope that this job will require, particularly in the initial phases, you must thrive in an unstructured environment and be resourceful and a self-starter in your problem-solving capabilities.

You should exhibit the following:

  • Five-years experience in stakeholder management, with previous experience leading diverse teams

  • Proficiency in conducting customer discovery research, facilitating conversations using technical vocabulary, and organizational prowess to provide structure

Why Join? 

  • Incredible learning in an empowering, impact-driven startup with an empathetic team.

  • We are open to different locations, with a preference for those around core offices in Yukon, Halifax, Victoria or Toronto. Remote candidates will also be considered and may get to travel to support customer deployments.

  • Salary negotiable with opportunity to access employee stock option pool.


Proof strives to support diversity and equal opportunity by building a balanced team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. The more diverse we are, the better we can be.


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