Make Government Decisions Better


Unlocking technology and data for government

Government is about making decisions for the public interest. Accountability and inclusion demands that each decision receive input and review from countless stakeholders which creates a firehose of activity. Our public servants are excellent in project management but, for a variety of reasons, are stuck with outdated technology - paper, whiteboards, spreadsheets - which can’t compete with the expectations of today.

For most organizations, technology has drastically simplified collaboration. But technology hasn’t impacted government the same way: the need for large user groups to be rapidly onboarded demands robust feature sets and configurability; high staff turnover demands exceptional intuitiveness and user-friendliness; strict regulations and sensitivities around citizen privacy demands excellence of security and compliance. These and more create an exceptionally challenging domain.

Proof empowers public servants and government officials with technology designed specifically for the approval process of government. We drastically lower friction, empower team members throughout the review process, and collect data to better understand operations and constituent issues. Our platform is the output of years of user research - including over 2,000 conversations with public servants - which continues today and is a vital part of what makes our platform the best possible tool on the market.