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Seasoned entrepreneurs with experience in government and software development.


As a people, culture, and travel enthusiast, Renée has worked with non-profits in Canada, Asia, Africa, and Central America. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce-Marketing Major and her experience includes research, training, marketing, and program and product management. With strong communication skills and an interest in process improvement, Renée has worked on projects with First Nations communities, small business owners, educational institutes and a private-public sector partnership.


From the BlackBerry, to the Canadarm, to fundamental physics at CERN, as a Waterloo Engineer, Ben has helped contribute to some of Canada's most advanced technology. Ben has helped co-found two venture-backed tech startups and helped advance policy within 3 government space agencies, 2 divisions of the United Nations, Canadian Urban Institute, and the Yukon and Canadian Governments.

BEN sanders

Marlen grew up in a small cabin in the northern Yukon without electricity. He started programming at age 12 after his parents moved to town and his aunt gave him a CD with an interpreter for the Turing programming language. He hasn't stopped since, despite travelling to 5 continents, building his own cabin and getting a 1st period welding certificate.

Marlen brunner

Luke has worked with +50 public sector organizations & has advised CEOs, Ministers, Ambassadors and First Nation Chiefs. He has contributed to national research on public and private sector interactions through the Conference Board of Canada. His work has been featured in national media (Globe and Mail + Vice News). He has co-founded several companies to improve evidence-based policy making.

luke decoste

Urszula is a life guide to impact entrepreneurs and leaders who want to thrive. As resident Coach at Proof, she supports the team to be not only great business leaders but to be great human beings. Urszula has worked with hundreds of people and for awesome brands like Simon Fraser University, Vancity, lululemon, Toquaht First Nation, and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

Urszula Lipsztajn

Kerän is an international award-winning broadcast journalist, having spent more than 35 years with the CBC as an interviewer, on-air host, radio producer, reporter, and manager. She has probed beneath the public faces of Hollywood celebs, cultural icons, legendary explores, and national newsmakers. Kerän has also taught radio skills and sensitivity awareness to journalists across Canada.

Kerän Sanders

Wes is an accomplished software architect and computer security specialist. He holds degrees from the Universities of Waterloo and Toronto in Math & Computer Science, has done computer security research funded by both the Canadian and American Governments, worked with SAP Business Objects and Google, and has led teams among Canada’s top startups (Nymi + Clearbanc).

wes george

Andrew has been developing computer, web, and mobile applications for the last 15 years. He is constantly pushing limits and improving his understanding of technology. Andrew is passionate about sharing his love for technology, and by doing so, has started a makerspace, a coworking space and ran a number of courses teaching web technologies (Lighthouse Labs) to assorted age groups.

andrew kalek 

Jacquie is a product designer who has worked with a number of Canadian-based startups in the for-profit for-good space. Formerly a design educator at BrainStation, Jacquie went on to work as the Director of Design at Inkblot Therapy - a company aimed at making therapy universally affordable and accessible. She has also worked with Novalte - an IOT startup empowering individuals with disabilities to live with greater independence.

JAcquie wortley